In addition to product variance, we are devoted to creating stylish, compact and convenient product design from mechanical housing to packing. We are capable to work close together with our client for OEM/ODM demands and manufacture the customized product precisely to fit their needs. This is out main business formation.
We have a set of standard process to manage OEM/ODM project with our customer. These process ensure the project quality and efficiency. 


Key Steps for OEM and ODM:

• Pre-design
• Conceptual, dimensional, functional specification and standards
• List available components
• Technical information's:

      o Technical specification
      o Design preference
      o Color preference
      o Texture preference
      o Surface treatment, shinny, brass, rough
      o Product feeling, heavy duties, trendy and durable
      o Application area (such as medical, healthcare)
      o Lifestyle, American, or European

• Product design, outlook design
      o After collect all information about the product design, we can start product design
      o Quotation to customer
      o Depending on structures and components of the device
      o If design is not accepted, we can have two total different re-design

• Component and material sourcing and approval (only sample cost may involve, for both color and technical approval)
      o Based on the design, we divide product into different materials and components
      o Submit material and component for approval
      o Tool making and approval (Full payment for all tooling involved)
      o After shape, material, components are approved, there will be quotation for all toolings involved
      o Receiving full payment of tooling, 3-D design will proceed
      o After design approved, 6 weeks will be taken for tool making, if injection toolings are involved
      o Material testing or approval
      o After tooling finished, samples will be provided
      o It may involve some minor modification of tooling and material changes
      o After approved, all will be ready for mass production
      o Once Mass Production start, any amendments on material and components induce huge material cost, consumption cost and re-work cost


OEM/ODM Development Process

A. For customized Tooling and Electronical Design


B. For Customized Packing


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